Off Grid Solar

When Your Property Cannot Access PLN

When your property has no option to connect to the PLN grid, solar is the most cost-effective solution to generate your power needs. The costs per kWh are up to 5x lower than what diesel-based power generation costs.


Combined with high quality battery storage systems Smart Energy can provide you with an optimized system solution that will provide your site with 24-7, stable power, that is sustainable, clean and has zero ongoing fuel supply and maintenance hassles.

If your site is looking for completely off grid solutions we make it easy

The Metrics You Need To Design Your Off Grid System

The Smart Energy team understands your needs to be assured of the cost effectiveness of your system and we can help you calculate these precisely.

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Diesel gen sets are an expensive overhead burden to run.

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Our team provides detailed

plans for energy efficiency

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Reduction on your energy & maintenance, >300% ROI

Whatever your goal and requirement, the Smart Energy team will work with you to come up with the best solar solution.

Integrated System Design

With our customized solution, you will get your entire energy system out of one hand, from solar system to battery to control and potentially with a genset for ultimate backup.


Expandable Battery Storage

Only pay for the battery storage you actually need! Start small and grow your battery storage as needed. The Battery system is modular and expandable.

Multi-mode Inverters

We can provide you with Advanced hybrid inverters that will both be able to convert your DC solar generated power to DC, as well as from your battery systems

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