Smarter Solar

Attractive Return on Investment

With abundant sunshine in Indonesia and Smart Energy’s custom designed systems, solar is now easier, and more lucrative, than ever before. In the past decade components have become very affordable, with paybacks in Indonesia being reached from as fast as three years, with a 25-year+ panel lifetime.

Return on Investment (RoI) can exceed 1000% against fuel-based generation.

What’s Smart Solar?

The modern solar system monitoring applications brought to you by Smart Energy give you deep, real-time insight and full control of your system, so you can easily integrate your insights and program with your overall smart building controls.


How Does it Work?

Installing a solar system is straightforward. If you have a PLN connection, we will connect your system to the PLN grid to feed excess power back to the grid and get compensated. This is now possible and a standard process.

The time for generating your own clean electricity with solar is now

Our Quality Promise - Guaranteed

Performance Warranty:


We guarantee that our solar system will deliver you reliably green electricity, for years. Your Smart Energy panels will maintain their performance at a max. 1% loss rate per year (cumulative maximum 20% over 15 years). In the unusual case that in normal conditions a lower output occurs, Smart Energy will install additional panels to ensure you meet the agreed demand, at no cost to you.


Additional Warranties:


Smart Energy guarantees that suitable part replacements will be available for a period of 15 years after the date of purchase.


12 months warranty against manufacturing errors.  Your panels will be fully replaced at no cost if there is any manufacturing error determined in the first 12 months from purchase.

Even stronger warranties are available, talk to us about your expectation and we will offer you the matching product

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