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Solar Panel Indonesia Installation in South Kuta, Lombok

Smart Energy Technology 

Make your building GREENER • SMARTER • CLEANER anywhere in Indonesia!

We are your one-stop partner for smart, clean & green building systems, customized with care to perfectly suit your project’s needs.

From solar panels to storage batteries to AC to air filtration and dehumidification, all tied together by smart building control systems.


We are an Indonesian PT company, under German management, delivering projects to international quality standards.

Our Complete System Solutions

Solar panel Bali installation at Youthtopia, Seseh, Bali

Smart Solar Power System

Solar energy is the most intuitive of all forms of renewable energy. Despite its reputation of being expensive, it has come a long way in the past decade and has become very affordable. Whether you're looking for a rooftop solar PV, an integrated sunroof, flexible panels for your boat, or have other unique requirements, we've got you covered!

Highly Efficient AC & Cooling

Air conditioning in tropical climates is a critical function.

Not only is it by far the single biggest source of electricity consumption in a building, on average 60%, but it also serves vital functions that are often not well understood: dehumidification and air purification or sterilization.

Efficient AC system in Indonesia
Air purification system in Indonesia

Air Quality Solutions

The air you breathe is critical for your health, productivity, and well-being. What's more, the systems you implement for air control are important for increasing and maintaining the quality and value of your building.

Hot Water & Heat Pumps

One of the key energy-consuming appliances for a building, green and efficient alternatives to the standard hot water equipment are now available

Smart control system Indonesia

Smart Building Control System

In the 21st century, you are used to connectivity at your fingertips, for 24/7 information access and remote communication. By implementing this technology, not only will it increase convenience and efficiency, but will also increase the quality and value of your building.

Energy Storage Battery System

A reliable electricity supply is expected, though can be a challenge in Indonesia. Our state-of-the-art battery systems are based on lithium-ion technology with superior lifetimes and virtually no maintenance required.

Storage battery system Indonesia LiFePO4 lithium

Why Work With Us?

Smart Energy provides the best technology solution for achieving your sustainability goals, while increasing the longevity and quality of your built environmental spaces, by providing solar power systems, dehumidification, filtering, sterilizing your air supply, and more. 

Our team’s multi-disciplinary technical expertise provides you with customized systems for clean energy, healthy air supply, efficient cooling, and convenient smart controls.

Who We Serve

No matter the size and scope of your project the Smart Energy team are ready to help you meet your sustainability and efficiency goals. Over the years our team has delivered many successful project all over Indonesia for all types of buildings:

Asset 255@2.png

Hotels, Resorts & Tourism Facilities

Asset 266@2.png

Public Facilities

& Retail Outlets

Asset 279@2.png

Industrial Facilities

of all sizes

Asset 269@2.png

Villa &


Asset 277@2.png



Asset 276@2.png

Remote, off-grid


Smart Energy Technology Installation Map Indonesia


Our team of trained professionals has executed over 100 projects in Indonesia, from AC systems to solar systems to building control systems.

Ready to Make Your Project
Smart & Sustainable?

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