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Efficient & Effective Cooling Systems

In the Tropics Air Conditioning is critical

Air Con is by far the single biggest source of electricity consumption in a building, on average 60%, while serving vital dehumidification and purification / sterilization functions.  A quality AC system should also supply adequate levels of oxygen into rooms.


A well designed system will keep occupants productive, comfortable and healthy. Without controlling the humidity, a poorly designed  system can have terrible consequences, from mold overgrowth to excessive electricity consumption and low oxygen levels.


The SMART Energy Team will help you define a system that serves your need efficiently and keeps you and your building healthy in our tropical climate.


SMART Energy specializes in highly effective, energy efficient integrated ducted system.

Ducted AC systems bring the benefits of a single, centralized AC machine and the possibilities to control air quality through its ducting.

SMART Energy can supply you with a world-class system

Ducted AC systems are widely used in countries with a long AC history, 

such as southern USA, Australia and South Africa.

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The most elegant and intelligent cooling choice for smaller buildings

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The highest efficiency solution

for medium and large buildings

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When ducting throughout the building is not an option

Ducted AC

Ducted Systems

Elegant and discrete, with our systems you will no longer need ugly AC units on your wall. Enjoy full humidity control and enhanced oxygen supply throughout your building.

Chilled Water Systems

Chilled Water Systems

We offer Centralized SMARDT Chilled Water Systems, the gold standard in AC, used in almost all larger buildings due to superior efficiency, minimized ductwork and outdoor facade compressors. See videos here.

Ducted Split

Ducted Split & VRF

Ducted split ACs combined with Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRFs) offer a hybrid solution for small to medium buildings.


Humidity Control

Humidity is key issue in the tropics. Dehumidification is critical for human comfort, occupant and building health and reducing AC electricity consumption. 

AirChange Dehumidification Units

AirChange SMA dehumidifies make-up air in an energy efficient manner and help VRF systems perform better in humid climates.

Split Make-Up Air (SMA) Explainer Video
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Requesting a Quote

When requesting a quote, please make sure to prepare the drawings of your building, ideally in a 3-D format and, if it is an existing building, photos of the building. Contact us.

Ready to make your project

smart & sustainable?

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