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About Us

We are a team of dedicated professionals with combined experience of over 50 years in our respective specialty fields, bound together by our passion for sustainability in Indonesia, and dedication to excellence. We have founded Smart Energy Technology since we see the need to deliver critical electrical systems to our customers from one single hand, as they are mutually interdependent and should be optimized to work effectively together. 

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Marc Pop

Founder & Director

A passionate Eco-preneur, Marc has started his career in renewables in 2002, and has been active in the Indonesian  clean energy market since 2008, originally with carbon credit origination and RE project development work. Since 2010 his focus is on clean energy ventures, from renewable power plants to energy efficiency, having established initially Indonesian Clean Power Ventures and later several companies in Indonesia.


Benjamin Roos

Co-Founder & Senior Controls Engineer

As an electronics engineer with a specialization in building management systems and in development work in Indonesia since 2012, Benji adds an important technical skillset to the SET team.

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Gabriel Wynn


Gabriel is an Indonesian native, and has been developing off-grid clean energy systems in SEA since 2009, mostly in the micro and mini hydropower sector. With a background in water resource management, he specializes in strengthening local management capacity for sustaining rural water and energy services, and in integrating mini-grids with watershed conservation efforts and water supply. 


Petra Schneider


Building the vision and strategic direction, while keeping community and social values at the core of the company and its programs. Petra is a Indonesian national with 40 years of experience in community engagement, disaster management and entrepreneurship, both in the NGO as well as the commercial space. 


Are you passionate about technology and sustainability?

Do you enjoy building up systems and to work in a motivated team? 

Contact us to find out about our openings, we are a high growth company and constantly looking for great people to join our team.



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As a pioneer of solar energy technology in Indonesia, Sundaya has been manufacturing solar equipment in this country for over 30 years, and continues to be a innovation leader in the field. We are proud to be an official dealer for Sundaya commercial products.

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For handheld and small solar-battery applications, Sundaya’s kits are available in tis retail outlet, My Sundaya. We cannot recommend these kits enough, whether for rural basic necessity applications, or your next camping trip.

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With decades of experience in sustainable development in the region, Alam Santi helps its clients define, design and implement solutions for sustainable and regenerative models of development, including water saving, wastewater management, renewable energy, waste management system and more.

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Bambook Studio is collaborating with Smart Technology to bring the most sustainable solutions for Lombok. Reduce your energy bill while contributing to a low carbon future! And don't forget the back up options with the new technology batteries with warranty 15 years. We also offer Smart Systems  to monitor and control your system directly from your phone.

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As a specialist supplier for large scale AC systems, Smardt has been a leader in the field of highly efficient chillers and auxiliary centralized chiller plants in Indonesia since 2012.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We're proud to support and donate to these amazing organizations!


Youthtopia, Bali

A youth empowering ecosystem where frontline young changemakers create content from concept to delivery


BSF Lombok

An initiative that helps to recycle organic food waste, create jobs, and produce sustainable animal feed in Lombok.


Jiwa Community Garden

A community that supports local farmers, provides composting service, and educates on everything gardening and permaculture!



Ready to make your project

smart & sustainable?

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