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Empowering Communities

Solar, micro hydro and irrigation solutions

Whether by geography or by choice, many communities are living off the electrical grid in Indonesia, but would like to enjoy the benefits of modern amenities that electricity brings.


Our team is experienced in bringing renewable, and reliable, electricity to these communities, through the most appropriate technology to the local situation.


Smart Energy Systems has the ability to augment community renewable energy systems and programs, such as those delivering solar home systems, mini-grids, and water systems, by providing both technical and programmatic design expertise, as well as the integration of smart control systems and networked pay-as-you-go platforms. We partner with civil society organizations with strong track records in local management and ensuring community participation.

We believe in renewable energy alternatives as a foundation for rural development, and in these systems abilities to reduce costs and dependence on expensive fossil fuels.

Sustainable Solutions Specifically Designed for Community Needs

Smart Energy can create or enhance community renewable energy systems and programs, deliver solar home systems, mini-grids, off-grid water systems and micro hydro for 24/7 supply.

Asset 250@2.png


Plug & Play, cost efficient kits

for lighting fans and TVs

Asset 253@2.png


Empower entire communities &

 local livelihood enterprises

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Portable, cost-effective pumps

that increase crop yields

Smart Energy community energy systems leapfrog the inefficiencies of mainstream infrastructure, integrating software solutions that facilitate payment collection and system optimization.

The Smart Energy team offers technical and program design expertise,

for smart control systems, and networked pay-as-you-go platforms

Micro hydro

Micro hydro can generate 1–100 kilowatts using the energy of moving water to power a hydroelectric turbine. This system is ideal for electrification of enterprises or residential areas.


The Process

We guide our clients through the process of setting up the desired system, from feasibility study and design through to commissioning. Some components are fabricated locally.

Cost Effectiveness

Pricing micro-hydro systems varies based on site conditions. In suitable conditions they provide 

24-hour energy without  battery storage, one of the most cost-effective renewable energy options. 


Learn More About Other Solar Solutions

Ready to make your project

smart & sustainable?

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