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Manage Your Energy Consumption

Our smart energy management solution allows you to control your energy consumption, allowing you to save energy and monitor the performance of your appliances and generation assets. Controlling your energy consumption is essential when you have an energy storage system such as batteries. In the event you are running off-grid or during a grid power outage, the smart energy management system allows you to mitigate the strain on your battery system, extending their lifespan.

Be in total control of your home

A smart energy management system will allow you to decide, both through automation and in real time through a smart phone interface, which appliances will run on batteries or through grid power.


Appliances, such as air conditioners, lighting and water heaters, can be switched on and off remotely, while enabling you to monitor the performance of generation assets such as solar panels. These control and monitoring features will be at your fingertips, through an easy-to-use app.

Saving time and improving comfort in your everyday life

In addition to simplifying your everyday life, smart home control solutions allow you to program a multitude of scenarios (lighting, music, temperature ...) according to your habits and preferences.

Are you receiving friends? Welcome them in a friendly atmosphere that you have predefined with music and soft lights.

Are you going to sleep? From a single command, you close all the curtains, set the air conditioning to an ideal temperature and activate your security system.

Energy savings

In South-East Asia, air-conditioning constitutes a large part of your electricity bill. By equipping yourself with smart home controls, you will instantly save on your energy consumption. With a gesture, you can turn off unnecessary lights, various appliances or cooling systems.

A Smart room thermostat can  allow you to reduce your energy consumption through automation without changing your habits. You can set your ideal temperature for each room. Then, the system takes care of it by adapting to your lifestyle and occupancy.

Smart Building Control Systems

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For your safety and that of your home

When you're out of the house or going on holiday, you do not need to go through all the rooms. As smart home devices are now connected to the internet, you can control them remotely from your smartphone or any device with a web browser.


Therefore, you are able stay in touch with your home wherever you are, even on the other side of the world! At any time, you can, for example, check that everything is in order, from the light of the living room to the status of the alarm. But also, with a smart CCTV system, see who rings at your door or who came while you are away. And in case of issues (intrusion, smoke ...), an alarm can be triggered and a notification sent to your phone. You have guests coming, remotely generate a temporary access code for them to access your house. Travel with peace of mind!



With our Smart Building Control System, monitor and control your commercial facility. Smart Building Control System will allow you to have all your building systems integrated into one single HMI.

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By using smart controls, you will be able not only to offer optimal comfort to your tenants by controlling their environment but also cut cost on energy bill by monitoring closely your consumption.


Smart Building Control Systems have multiple applications:

  • Smart Lighting 

  • Heat Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

  • Air quality

  • Security (CCTV)

  • Energy & Smart Grid

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