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Hot Water

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Solar Hot Water

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Heat Pumps

hot water

Solar Hot Water

The most simple, and often efficient method of utilizing solar energy in a building is to heat water. Referred to as “solar thermal” technology, this is a great way to generate your domestic hot water. Typically the roof area required is much smaller than for the solar PV for electricity generation. However due to the built in watertank, the solar thermal panel is very heavy and requires stronger support structures than solar PV panels. We provide different solar thermal systems to suit your hot water requirement.

For commercial kitchens and laundries with >100C temperature requirement, we can couple a solar thermal system with other hot water systems such as heat pumps or gas boilers, to feed pre-heated water and reduce the energy requirement, while still offering 100% reliable water temperatures to suit your requirement 24-7, independent from sunshine

heat pumps

Heat Pumps

This refrigerant based technology uses ambient air temperature to heat up water reliable to 60C, using compressors (similar to AC systems). The advantage compared to simple electric water heaters is the electrical efficiency: direct electric heaters convert one unit of electricity into less than one unit of hot water, whereas heat pumps are on average 3-4x more efficient per unit of electricity.

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Heat pumps have become widely used in industrialized cooler climate countries, and in recent years also in Indonesian commercial buildings such as hotels. We highly recommend these for resorts and hotels.

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