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Commercial Solar

The clear benefits for commercial enterprises

With electricity bills typically being the second highest expense for a business after wages, utilizing the abundant sunshine to reduce your energy bill makes perfect sense. Since most power is consumed during working hours when the sun is shining, solar energy is an ideal match. Further, you will benefit from increased sustainability credentials that can be utilized for your marketing, as well as fulfilling corporate sustainability commitments and goals.

Average paybacks are 5 years and return on investment (RoI) exceed 400% with panel lifetimes of 25y plus. Our 12 year panel warranties will speak for themselves. Call us today for your personalized quote.

For commercial projects, the payback time and

return on investment is a key consideration.

Smart Energy Can Supply The Metrics You Need

The Smart Energy team understands your needs to be assured of the cost effectiveness of your system and we can help you calculate these precisely.

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Whatever your goal and requirement, the Smart Energy team will work with you to come up with the best solar solution

System Efficiency

Typical commercial operations primarily run during the daytime when you have the highest solar input. This ensures you a maximum value on your solar system investment.


Major Benefits

Whether restaurants or resorts, offices or factories, buildings tend to have ample space for generating green energy. This means both financial and marketing benefits.

Green Credential

With the return on your investments generally reaching above 400%, why not go green, and reap the benefit of showcasing your site’s sustainability practices. 


Remote Monitoring App

With our app you can monitor the amount of electricity your panels are producing, exported back to the grid, your battery storage and household energy consumption.

Requesting a Quote

When requesting a quote, please make sure to prepare the drawings of your building, ideally in a 3-D format and, if it is an existing building, photos of the building.


Learn More About Other Solar Solutions

Ready to make your project

smart & sustainable?

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