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Air Quality Solutions

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Maintaining Good Quality Air

Simple split ACs simply offer cooling - they don’t introduce fresh air, and only provide rudimentary dehumidification, and very basic filtration. Ventilation is very important to ensure adequate levels of oxygen into spaces, as oxygen gets depleted from the occupants inside a room and needs to be actively replenished.

Health Consideration

Air pollution is on the rise in our ever denser built up areas. Filtration of our air is now more important than ever considering the times where we need to protect ourselves from viral infections such as Covid-19.


The Cost of AC

In the tropics, air conditioning is the biggest source of electricity consumption and cost for building operations. Emissions from AC result in high levels of pollution. We will design an efficient AC system for you.


Oxygen & Wellbeing

Your air quality system should supply adequate levels of oxygen to keep occupants productive, comfortable and the humidity under control while preventing mould and other causes of disease.


Protect your site and it’s inhabitants from the effects of poor air quality

Choosing Your Perfect System

The Smart Energy team has in depth expertise on cooling and air quality systems. We help our clients choose and implement the ideal system to serves the specific needs of their site, without over-engineering.


These systems are clean, green, operate efficiently and keep your buildings and their residents healthy in the tropical climate.

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