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What Our Customers Think

"Since I found Marc and his team from Smart Energy Tech I haven't worked with any other solar company or suppliers. They provide the quality, the expertise, the warranty, and the confidence I had been looking for in Lombok for years.

As an architect and project manager in charge of high-quality projects, I need to work with professional companies that provide smooth execution and accommodating of changes while taking the time to ensure a good project design and client communication.

And not only that but also, they assisted PLN with the installation of Lombok's first NET METER when we did our latest Net Zero project together.

With no doubt, they are probably the more knowledgeable, trustworthy, and reputable solar company in Lombok."

- Ms. Paula Andres, Lombok

"Smart Tech took a thorough look at our needs and then provided good solution - one that works for Bali. Good follow-up and a useful App. It's fun to see the sun generate power."

- Mr. Andrew Burrel, Bali

"Marc and his team delivered a perfectly working solar system at a very fair price and worked well with our contractor for design integration. Will be going back for system expansion and happy to recommend their equipment and service to anyone"

- Mr. Florian Holm, Bali

"We are delighted in partnering with Smart Energy Technology in helping us achieve some of our sustainability goals through the installation of solar panels. The service and installation process was efficient and professional. We would highly recommend Smart Energy Technology as THE choice for sustainable smart energy solutions for your property/business."

- Mr. Nikil Patel, Co-Founder of The Elementum Bali "Indonesia isn't always sunny, but a solar system in the country still yields about 2x the amount of electricity compared to the Netherlands. Since electricity costs about half the tariff in Europe that adds up to a similar ROI of 6-7 years. For that to work you have to be able to feed energy back into the PLN grid and taking care of that seemed daunting.

Fortunately, Smart Energy took care of everything. Within 1 month, the system was installed and producing energy. I would highly recommend Smart Energy Technology to everyone!"

- Mr. Sam, Sanur "It only took a few weeks from the first contact to implementation. Whenever I encounter an issue or have a question the Smart Energy team will come quickly to help out. I am really happy and would highly recommend Smart Energy Technology." Find more testimonials on our Instagram:

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